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Getting to DjangoCon Europe 2014

Most of the visitors to DjangoCon Europe will reach it via Toulon or Marseille, before taking the ferry from Brusc to the island.

For non french-speaking attendees, here is a handy phrase sheet to help you in this wild country

The ferry - "la navette"

The island, L'Île des Embiez, is reached by a regular ferry that runs about once an hour from the Embarcadère Iles des Embiez in the fishing port of Brusc.

Your ticket to the conference includes a return journey on the ferry.

Ferry timetable

The last ferry leaves Brusc for the island at 19.30.

To get to the ferry

From Toulon

Take the bus number 72 from the bus station ("Gare Routière") in the centre of Toulon, which is right by the train station ("Gare SNCF").

If you're arriving in Toulon by train, note that the bus number 72 stops at the train station too.

Get off at the stop "Le Mail". The journey takes about 30 minutes and the bus runs about once an hour (1.5 €). From there it's a very short walk to the ferry.

Alternatively, a taxi from Toulon will take around 25minutes and cost about 40 €.

From Marseille

The main station in the city, Marseille St Charles, is also simply known as "Marseille", for example on the French railways website.

If you're arriving at Marseille Airport, you need to get to Marseille St Charles. There is a shuttle bus (a "navette") that runs very regularly, and should take about 30 minutes.

From Marseille St Charles take a train to Toulon, and get the bus from there to the port.

From the station at Toulon, take the bus number 72 as described above (in the section "From Toulon") to the stop "Le Mail".

(There is another option: take a train from Marseille to La Seyne Six Fours. You can catch the same number 72 bus from the station there. The journey to the port takes about 20 minutes. Be warned however: La Seyne Six Fours is a tiny town, and if you're running late it's not a great place to find yourself stranded!)

To get to Toulon and Marseille

Toulon and Marseille are both served by airports and high speed railway lines.

If you're travelling to France by air, you may find a convenient flight to Toulon or Marseille, but don't discount the option of flying to Paris and taking the TGV.

The journey from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Toulon is direct and takes just over five hours, on a very fast and comfortable train.

France is served by a superb long-distance rail network, so check international rail connections as well.

Consult train times and prices

Toulon-Hyères Airport

Toulon Airport

There's a direct bus link five times a day between Toulon-Hyères airport and Toulon bus station ("Gare Routière"). The journey (1.5 €) takes about 30 minutes.

A taxi service is available 7 days a week at the taxi rank located outside the terminal at the Arrivals hall level. The taxi fare to Brusc will be around 80 €.

Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport

Connections from Marseille Airport

Arrival times

If you have a ticket for an "extra Monday night accommodation and dinner", you can register on arrival from 17.00.

Landing at Marseille (MRS) at 12.00, or Toulon/Hyères (TLN) at 14.00, you'll arrive on the island at just about the right time.

If instead you're arriving on Tuesday morning, we recommend taking the ferry from Brusc in good time to register before the first talk, which starts at 10.00.

Getting home

If you're not staying for the sprints, our programme will close on Thursday at 17.00. There'll be a bus to take you to the station at Toulon, which will arrive at 19.00, in time to catch an onward train to Marseille or Paris or elsewhere.

Alternatively, for a more leisurely getaway and an extra evening of DjangoCon conviviality, you can purchase a ticket for an extra night and leave instead on Friday morning.

If you're staying for the sprints and leaving on Saturday, count on leaving the island by about 17.00-18.00.

One convenient option for many travellers will be to take the sleeper train at 21.53 from Toulon to Paris Austerlitz. It arrives in Paris the following morning at 07.32, with many convenient international rail and air connections from there, including the Eurostar to London. Book soon for the cheaper fares.

Alternatively, depending upon your next connection, you could opt to stay overnight in Toulon or Marseille.

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