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Our staff

DjangoCon Europe 2014 is presented by a small team of volunteers, who have been hammering on keyboards late into the night for months to bring it to fruition.

A DjangoCon is a lot of hard work, but it's also a great honour to be entrusted with organising such an important an event on behalf of the community, and a privilege to be allowed to shape it.

Throughout the event, we'll be at your disposal. We want you to have a wonderful conference experience, so if there is anything we can do to help improve yours, please just ask one of us.

  • Mathieu Agopian

    Curious freelancer, passionate developer. Currently works for topchretien and mozilla, has fun using Django in his day job, and toys with clojure at night. Loves the Python, loves the poney, loves coding.

  • Jean-Michel Armand

    A multiskilled Djangonaut, salesperson and entrepreneur, Jean-Michel is also a multitasking geek. When he's not complaining about delays on the French railways he can be found helping to organise a conference, holding forth on the subject of video games or buying domain names that he will never use. He's a great lover of cassoulet and Belgian beers, but for now at least his waistline still allows him to wear more than stripy trousers and make use of his collection of t-shirts with cryptic references. It seems he may have fallen into a cauldron of magic potion as a baby, thanks to which he displays a rare talent for throwing twenty-sided dice (though not menhirs).

  • Bruno Bord

    Bruno is basically french.                                                                                                                                          

  • Xavier Ordoquy

    Xavier Ordoquy is a developer, problem solver and long time freelancer. Informal learner he likes to experience with new technologies. However he's been working with Python since 2002 and is Django enthusiast. When he's not working for clients he's contributing to various opensource projets or spending time with his children.

  • Marie-Claire Ordoquy

    After 8 years as sound developer at UbiSoft Marie-Claire goes freelancing and tamed pythons and poneys. When she's not coding she plays with her children, cooks, plays some piano, embroiders... and when there's some time left she manages Mampreneurs Haut de Seine and DjangoCon Europe 2014.

  • Laurent Paoletti

    Laurent was introduced to django in 2008 and never came back. Since he has started his freelance activity in 2009, he has worked for startups, nonprofit and small companies as a full-time python craftsman. He tries to teach the virtues of well-tested applications and agile methodologies.When he is not skiing or wandering in the mountains, he takes great pleasure in learning new technologies and gathering friends and people during IT local events.

  • Daniele Procida

    Daniele works at Cardiff University School of Medicine in Wales, where he builds web applications with Django and Python.

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