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0930 Opening Conference Bruno Bord
1000 Django class-based views: survival guide for novices Leonardo Giordani
1045 Break
1100 The future of PostgreSQL in Django Marc Tamlyn
1145 Pair up Django and Web mapping Mathieu Leplâtre
1230 Lunch
1400 Designing and maintaining distributed systems Raphaël Barrois
1445 Web components in Django Xavier Dutreilh
1530 Django Powered Ecological Research Jakub Witold Bubnicki
1545 Healthchecks for Django Benoit Bryon
1600 Break
1630 Visibility for web developers Bruno Renié
1715 An introduction to django-oscar David Winterbottom
1730 Frequently Missed Performance Gains Frank Wiles
1745 Keynote: Where the Wild Things Are Aymeric Augustin
1830 LT: Migrate a web application to Django Samuel Goldszmidt
1835 LT: Harness the speed of the wheel Xavier Fernandez
1840-1900 Other LTs


0800 5K run Brave runners
0900 The Power of Natural Language - From ATDD to Lean Modeling Ilja Bauer
0945 Introduction to User Experience Design Meghan Reilly
1030 Break
1100 Gamers do REST Angel Ramboi
1115 Django minus Django Jacob Burch & Jacob Kaplan-Moss
1200 Pinede lunch
1400 Really, Really Fast Django Christophe Pettus
1445 From __icontains to search Honza Kral
1530 Advanced Web Typography Idan Gazit
1615 Break
1645 Taming Complexity with Django Ustun Ozgur
1730 Keynote: Your Product is more than the Application! Kevin Van Wilder
1815-1915 LTs


0900 Good schema design - and why it matters! Andrew Godwin
0945 Introduction to Docker Amjith Ramanujam
1030 Break
1100 Make AngularJS play nice together with Django Jacob RIef
1145 Open data on the sea shore Richard Moch
1200 The Whys and Hows of using Django Formsets Sneha Priscilla Makini
1215 Lunch
1400 Challenges when building High profile Editorial Sites Yann Malet
1445 Py.test: helps you write better Django apps Andreas Pelme
1530 Don't be scared of the lava! Why purist unit tests are a waste of time. Harry Percival
1545 Break
1600-1645 Keynote: The programmer's body Daniele Procida

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