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Our friends Audrey and Danny may not be able to be with us in person this year, but here's the next best thing: they're sponsoring the event, and they'll be sending copies of their book, Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.6.

To get your copy, just buy a Two Scoops ticket, and when you arrive the book will be waiting for you!

We're going to use the revenue from Two Scoops sales to help subsidise the attendance of a speaker who's on a low budget, so buying the book this way means that you're not just buying a book, you're making a small but meaningful contribution to the event.

And speaking of making a contribution: if you'd like to put something into a fund to help subsidise another attendee, there's a ticket for that too. If you have a little to spare, feel free to put it into the ticket to Contribution to help an attendee on a low budget.

Any amount will help, and every penny that we receive will help another attendee.

There'll be other Two Scoops goodies at DjangoCon Europe - you'll find out more when you get there.

Orders for Two Scoops will close two weeks before the conference, in order to allow for shipping in good time.

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