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This year at DjangoCon Europe, as well as our packed programme of talks, we are running tutorials.

They are all free, and all running on Friday, the first day of the sprints.

One of them, Daniele Procida's Don't be afraid to commit, is even an introduction to contributing to projects such as Django, and will lead you seamlessly into the sprints!

Harry Percival's Test-driven web development with Python and Django is frankly worth the price of admission to the entire conference.

Patrick Lauber's Get started with django CMS will give you a big head-start with one of Django's most successful and well-known products, as a user and developer.

The three tutorials we are offering represent our effort to use DjangoCon Europe to kickstart even more activity in the community. We know that people want to take part, and to contribute, but that it's not always so easy to get started.

Our tutorials are for those people. They are three first-class reasons to stay on after the talks for the sprints, and will equip you with valuable skills.

In short: don't think that the sprint days of DjangoCon are just for those 'other' people, the ones who can run while you're not sure if you can even walk - they are for you, because we want to show you that those clever and advanced sprinters are really no different from you at all!

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