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Internet & mobile connectivitymay. 10

Internet & mobile connectivity

The conference and sprint venues will of course be furnished with a suitable wireless network.

You'll also be able to get wireless access from your hotel apartments and rooms.

You may all the same wish to buy a SIM card for mobile connectivity. You need to do this before you arrive on the island. We recommend Orange, Bouygues or SFR.

Absolute last chance for tickets!apr. 29

We have been able to make a few more tickets available for DjangoCon Europe 2014.

This last batch of sales must close at the very latest 1700 CET today, 29th April, and may close earlier.

If you would like a ticket and don't have one, get it now. Please don't be disappointed!

You can tell us about accommodation preferences, but please note that there are no more single rooms available.

DjangoCon Europe accommodation preferencesapr. 21

Our Django Island hotel offers accommodation in various different kinds of rooms (single, twin or double) in various different kinds of apartments (of one, two or three rooms).

We need to know your preferences - tell us!


The standard room is a twin (two single beds), which will be shared with another Django Islander of the same sex. If you would prefer to share with a particular person, you can let us know.

There are 60 single rooms available. If you need - you don't need to tell us why - or strongly prefer a single room, just say so.

If you are travelling with a partner (i.e. you have purchased a "companion" ticket) or you and your partner are both conference attendees, you can ask for a double room.

Each room has its own private bathroom.


You can also let us know whether you prefer to be in an apartment with only one room, or amongst others, and with whom.

If you do have a preference about apartments, please tell us whether:

  • you'd like to be in an apartment on your own
  • you'd like to share the apartment with friends (tell us whom)
  • you'd prefer to be in an all-female/all-male apartment

Assisted places for studentsapr. 21

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the attendees who bought a "Contribution" ticket we've been able to support a number of our speakers who were on tight budgets, and who would otherwise have been unable to attend.

We are delighted to announce that the same generosity means that we're able to make an additional 7 conference places available to students at a discount of 270 € - that is, for 400 € each.

The 400 € covers the conference, accommodation (Tuesday and Wednesday night) and all meals.

These tickets are only available, on a first-come first-served basis, to students in full-time education. We'll require some proof of status.

We're truly grateful to the community for providing the support that has made this possible.

Student tickets

Tutorials!mar. 25

This year at DjangoCon Europe, as well as our packed programme of talks, we are running tutorials.

They are all free, and all running on Friday, the first day of the sprints.

One of them, Daniele Procida's Don't be afraid to commit, is even an introduction to contributing to projects such as Django, and will lead you seamlessly into the sprints!

Harry Percival's Test-driven web development with Python and Django is frankly worth the price of admission to the entire conference.

Patrick Lauber's Get started with django CMS will give you a big head-start with one of Django's most successful and well-known products, as a user and developer.

The three tutorials we are offering represent our effort to use DjangoCon Europe to kickstart even more activity in the community. We know that people want to take part, and to contribute, but that it's not always so easy to get started.

Our tutorials are for those people. They are three first-class reasons to stay on after the talks for the sprints, and will equip you with valuable skills.

In short: don't think that the sprint days of DjangoCon are just for those 'other' people, the ones who can run while you're not sure if you can even walk - they are for you, because we want to show you that those clever and advanced sprinters are really no different from you at all!

Two Scoops at DjangoCon Europemar. 03

Our friends Audrey and Danny may not be able to be with us in person this year, but here's the next best thing: they're sponsoring the event, and they'll be sending copies of their book, Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.6.

To get your copy, just buy a Two Scoops ticket, and when you arrive the book will be waiting for you!

We're going to use the revenue from Two Scoops sales to help subsidise the attendance of a speaker who's on a low budget, so buying the book this way means that you're not just buying a book, you're making a small but meaningful contribution to the event.

And speaking of making a contribution: if you'd like to put something into a fund to help subsidise another attendee, there's a ticket for that too. If you have a little to spare, feel free to put it into the ticket to Contribution to help an attendee on a low budget.

Any amount will help, and every penny that we receive will help another attendee.

There'll be other Two Scoops goodies at DjangoCon Europe - you'll find out more when you get there.

Orders for Two Scoops will close two weeks before the conference, in order to allow for shipping in good time.

Travel Grants for DjangoCon Europe 2104mar. 03

The Django Software Foundation has opened applications for grants to help those who would otherwise find it difficult to meet the cost of attending DjangoCon Europe 2104.

The procedure is easy and fairly informal. Complete the application form by March 21st at 11:59pm PDT, and you should have a response within a week.

Everyone's welcome to apply, and speakers who need assistance are particularly encouraged to. Good luck!

Announcing our programme of talksfeb. 25

We're thrilled to be able to start telling you about the talks you'll be able to attend on our Django island.

Over the coming days, we'll be announcing talks as they're confirmed.

Before that though, we'd like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal. We had the best part of a hundred proposals, and making our selection from them has been very difficult.

If you haven't yet heard from us about your talk, please don't assume yours hasn't been selected - we're still in the process of confirming and finalising all the details of the programme, and it has to happen in stages because of the scale of the task. You will hear from us soon, either way.

And now, we're delighted to tell you that...

Sponsorship: it gets even better!feb. 13

We have listened to our sponsor's feedback and decided to review our sponsorship levels by improving them. Here's how we decided to improve them.

To whatever was already contained in each level, we've added


  • 5 banners or kakemono-style hangings or flamepoles (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • 5 published posts on the positions available board
  • a "meet the sponsor" session at the conference


  • 3 banners or kakemono-style hangings or flamepoles (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • 3 published posts on the positions available board
  • a "meet the sponsor" session at the conference


  • 2 banners or kakemono-style hangings or flamepoles (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • 2 published posts on the positions available board
  • a "meet the sponsor" session at the conference


  • Items for the attendees' gift bags (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • 1 published posts on the positions available board
  • 1 banner or kakemono-style hanging or flamepole (to be provided by the sponsor)

Of course, companies and organisations already sponsoring will get this sponsorship 'upgrade' too.

Speakers' ticketsjan. 02

For DjangoCon Europe 2014 we have decided to follow the traditional DjangoCon scheme, according to which speakers pay for their tickets just like all the other attendees.

We've taken this decision for a number of reasons.

Chiefly, doing this allows us to lower the price of all tickets, making the event more affordable to all within our budget.

Also, we'd like to have more talks than ever before at a DjangoCon Europe - 30 or 40, or even 50 - by having more slots for shorter talks of different lengths. It would not be feasible to offer free tickets to all these speakers, and it would be invidious to offer free tickets only to some.

All the same, we do realise that some potential speakers may find the cost of attending the event an obstacle. So: if you'd like to do a talk and your proposal is accepted, but you'd find it difficult to meet the costs, please get in touch with us, because we hope to be able to offer support to speakers in that situation.

Sales of ticketsdec. 31

Tickets for DjangoCon Europe 2014 are now on sale!

There's an initial run of 50 early tickets, after which prices will go up.

What's different this year is that all tickets include your accommodation and your meals.

It can be a hassle to book suitable accommodation in a city you don't know well, never mind budget in advance for your meals and other expenses.

Now consider that this year's DjangoCon Europe will take place on the French Riviera - a gorgeous place to stay, but not exactly noted for being an inexpensive place to visit.

This year, you don't need to worry about finding suitable and affordable accommodation or where to eat or how much it will cost, because we have taken care of it for you.

As well as saving you the time and trouble of doing it yourself, this will make it much less expensive than it would otherwise have been, because we've been able to negotiate all these prices on your behalf.

So, the basic cost for the event, including two nights' accommodation, two breakfasts, three lunches and two evening meals is a mere €610 at the early bird rate (and only €670 thereafter).

That's it - your conference, meals, refreshments, even the boat to the island from the mainland - you won't need to budget for anything else, other than travel to south of France.

As anyone who is familiar with the French Riviera can tell you, that's very good value.

As well as the basic ticket there are various options:

Early arrival

If you're not able to arrive on Tuesday morning, you can purchase an extra night (dinner and breakfast included of course).


Sprinters should purchase a ticket for the extra two nights and four meals.

Partners and family

Finally, it's not often that one gets to visit a place as special as the Île des Embiez, so make the most of it. You're invited to bring your partner and family!

The island has beaches, nature reserves, sporting facilities, some splendid wildlife - and there are no cars on the island, so it's a lovely environment.

Your partner can join you by purchasing the appropriate Companion ticket. There's no charge for children under four. We're working out prices for older children.

We often talk of the Python/Django family or community, but we're really serious about embracing a wider community - let's make this DjangoCon a truly inclusive family affair!

Djangonaut couples

If both you and your partner wish to attend the conference, you should register as an Attendee and Companion, rather than purchasing two full tickets. Note that this is aimed at couples, and that only double beds are provided.

Our sponsors